DataMotive Systems Inc.

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Company overview

DataMotive Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in developing innovative projects from inception to completion. A recent focus is on railway safety, specifically railway level crossings, and we have developed an App that provides an effective safety solution to the railway solution, especially in the area of level crossings.

The TEDS App, as developed by the Project Team at DataMotive represents a very simple solution that addresses railway safety.  TEDS has been designed with the safety in mind of vehicle drivers as they approach railway level crossings.  TEDS has been designed as a mission critical service application which requires a dedicated design in order to serve simultaneously thousands of vehicles at a large number of railway crossings across the country.  TEDS employs an API (Application Program Interface) which is able to receive signals from the on-coming trains to level crossings and distribute the alert to all motorists at their current location.

TEDS is ready to load as part of the “Connected Car” operating system and can be integrated in it.

TEDS has the capacity to detect and report, within the vehicle, the arrival of a railway cross-intersection and alert the driver in advance. TEDS will issue a warning, in real time to the driver who is approaching a railway crossing and warn them that there is a train approaching. TEDS addresses the issue of distracted driving, which is only increasing on our roads and is becoming a very concerning societal problem, despite the best efforts of law enforcement.  TEDS is a Mission Critical App, and DataMotive has endured that detailed attention has been given to the architectural design and methodology employed, as well as the in-depth research that has been used to achieve a reliable and dependable App that will keep vehicles and trains safe while in motion.

TEDS is available on Android and iOs.

The geofence Radius is set at a predetermined minimum of 300 meters and is a key factor for allowing the first notification/warning of the danger ahead. This Radius is a variable and could be modified to allow more or less of a warning required. This parameter is NOT available to be modified by the user.

Fig. 1  This figure depicts the two states the geofence can take, Red or Green. When Red, the crossing gate is (now) closed meaning the train is at the gate and a loud voice message is sound on the phone, and or on the vehicle radio system. When Green, a notification is sound to alert the driver or pedestrian that they are approaching a railway crossing and should be on the lookout. A specific gate can only be Red or Green.

Fig 2. This figure shows the viewer/user a more general overhead view of its own location as well as all the railway crossings surrounding their vicinity. This can provide the user the heads-up of all crossing in the area. And can help in choosing their route.