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Company overview

DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH (DB E&C) delivers railway projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our highly skilled engineering and professional teams offer comprehensive design, project management, construction supervision and rail systems design review/acceptance services. In addition, we provide world-class business consulting, O&M consulting, logistics consulting and data solutions insights.

DB E&C is a recognised global rail industry leader and innovator. Through DB E&C, this expertise is benefiting rail passengers around the world.



We uphold high technical and environmental standards for infrastructure projects. Schedules, costs and quality must be balanced individually as part of this process. To achieve a project’s targets, all relevant issues must be considered. We handle all work related to the engineering and environmental design of traffic routes, stations, depots and terminals, from basic evaluation to construction drawings.

Construction Management and Supervision

Construction management and supervision ensure a high level of quality in your project down to the very last detail so that everything goes according to plan. We monitor and coordinate cooperation among different contractors and ensure that all safety requirements are met.


Companies need to optimize their operations and maintenance, develop modern training programs and leverage current trends around digitalization. We develop innovative solutions to help ensure your company’s future success.

Project Management

We will guide you from the beginning of your project to the end. Our experts plan, coordinate, review and document each step, using modern methodologies and tools to optimally manage deadlines, costs and quality to meet all requirements related to implementation.

Validation and Assessment

Our experts will perform audits on the design, acceptance testing and system technology to bring your project to a successful close.

Environmental and Geoservices

Our technical teams for environmental impact design, surveying, geotechnical engineering, waste and disposal technology and environmental service will support you implementing and completing your projects.

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