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About us

DigiRail is a subsidiary of Dynamics Technologies a company with over 22 years software solutions experience.

Digirail provide tailored, fit-for-purpose digital solutions with a special focus on the rail industry. We digitise manual processes and integrate existing digital and non-automated processes into single digital streams, consistent, reliable information and data for accelerated and informed decision-making.

Through our digital solutions, rail companies can enhance their performance in 5 key areas: customer engagement; planning and resourcing; enabling colleagues; asset management; and harnessing data. We take a moderate, outcomes-focused approach that comprises smaller, more manageable projects for faster and visible results. By focusing on the digital details, our purpose is to provide maximum return on your investment. Our team of digital engineers have a passion for rail, and we are committed to short- and long-term improvements in commercial and operational efficiencies.

Our focus

Globally the rail industry will see wide scale infrastructure digitisation over the next three decades as ageing assets require renewal. At DigiRail we feel that the immediate priority for digitisation is in and around the systems and processes that could deliver quick wins, cultural shifts in workforce expectations and short-term improvements in efficiency.