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Signalling design experts

An expert design and consultancy firm, DigiSig Rail Group specialises in signalling design, project development, and project delivery. With cost-effective assurance and design strategies, innovative solutions, and a wealth of industry knowledge (over  systems and associated equipment.

The DigiSig Rail Group team can undertake everything from simple signalling design and replacement projects to the development of complex new signalling systems.


DigiSig Group’s comprehensive portfolio of signalling design and consultancy services includes:

  • Scheme plans: from simple projects to complete re-signallings.
  • Signalling reports/specifications: including Option Selection Reports, Reasonable Opportunity Reports (E810), Signalling Design Specifications, Interlocking Control Requirements, Interlocking Data Development Plans.
  • Signalling interfaces: integration to Control Systems and other railway systems.
  • Tender supportfor both small and large projects.
  • Interlocking designdesign and verification for all interlockings (CBI/RRI/Mechanical).
  • Trackside designincluding location/REB (relocatable equipment building) wiring design, cable schematics, and track circuit bonding design.
  • IRSE logbook and licensing: covering all Signalling Design/Verifier licences.

Key projects

Additional stabling and signalling design – Crystal Palace Station

Contracted by YG Rail, DigiSig Rail Group provided signalling design deliverables for alternations to platform 3.

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HS2 - Mandeville Road Vent Shaft

DigiSig Rail Group undertook signalling alterations as part of a project to deliver a new vent shaft for fire control systems.

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Crystal Palace

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Horsham Level Crossing

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Radlett Strategic Rail Freight Interchange

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Speed Restrictions

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