Echion Technologies

Safer, faster, longer

Echion Technologies works to address major challenges around electrification and climate change, developing and supplying niobium-based anode materials for the transportation industry. The company was founded in the laboratories of Cambridge University’s Engineering Department. Today, its ground-breaking Echion XNO® anode material is powering safer, sustainable Li-ion batteries that charge faster and last longer.

Helping transport organisations to access and benefit from this advanced technology, Echion Technologies is now a global leader in the field of battery materials – and a supplier to premium, high-growth markets worldwide. It is supported by CBMM, the largest niobium miner in the world.

A ground-breaking product

Designed with cutting-edge XNO® anode materials, Echion Technologies’ unique lithium-ion batteries offer:

  • High levels of safety.
  • Fast-charge and discharge capability.
  • A long life cycle.

Twice as energy-dense as top LTO cells, they are ideally suited to the electrification of heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications.

Lithium-ion batteries designed with Echion XNO® anode materials achieve a unique combination of high safety, extreme fast-charge and discharge capability, and very long cycle-life. We achieve this together with up to double (x2) the energy density of market leading LTO cells. This unique performance envelope is ideal for high-power batteries electrifying heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications, a premium, fast-growing market driven by total cost of ownership.


Current lithium-ion batteries have performance limitations, especially for applications where high power, fast charging and long cycle life are key requirements. The technology that works for passenger electric vehicles will not work as well for industrial or commercial applications, where expensive capital assets need to return a low Total Cost of Ownership over their lifetime.

Echion’s XNO® lithium-ion battery anode materials provide a solution on that can effectively electrify heavy duty transport and industrial applications. When packaged in a suitably designed battery cell, module and pack system, XNO® offers end users the low total cost of ownership and high operational productivity required.