Epion Consulting Ltd

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Company overview

With ten years’ experience of delivering people-centric consulting services within complex, multi-stakeholder environments, including frontline workforces, Nick Smith formed Epion Consulting in 2020 and since then has led the growing business as it enables change for its clients.

Previously working in the UK and internationally at Gartner, KPMG and IBM he offers a powerful blend of strategic and delivery expertise, largely within rail and the wider transport sector.

Ruth Tank’s experience in C-suite consulting roles allows her to combine a people-focused approach to change with an emphasis on delivering business benefits.

Together, Nick and Ruth lead teams of experienced change practitioners, all subject matter experts in their field and demonstrating our values of creativity, flexibility, teamwork, trust and an outcomes focus.

Epion Consulting supports business and change leaders who need their large-scale change initiatives to be successful. This means embedding the change and delivering the benefits underpinning the rationale for the change.

We deliver ‘brain-friendly’ business change services through our network of over 50 consultants, using a blend of proven capabilities across a wide range of disciplines including:

  • Change Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Communications & Engagement
  • Learning & Coaching
  • Culture Change
  • Innovation
  • Creative Design
  • Project & Programme Management

Unlike some larger consultancies with broad service portfolios, Epion is focused on change alone and deploys only experienced practitioners. We work flexibly, tailoring our services to what the project needs and drawing on a range of proven methods and tools (including our 5Es approach) rather than imposing a standard, fixed methodology. We always take a people-centric approach, however, believing that the technical aspects of a project cannot succeed without strong, positive engagement and equipping across all key stakeholder groups.

While we specialise in executing strategic change, Epion is equally at home developing the strategies that precede change and our Client Leads are comfortable engaging with stakeholders from the frontlines to the board room.

Unlike many consultancies, we relish the opportunity to partner and collaborate in complex, multi-stakeholder environments, including other third-party suppliers, industry bodies or subject matter experts to maximise client impact.