Eversholt Rail Ltd

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Company overview

Eversholt Rail has a proud history of innovation and plays an integral role in the growth and modernisation of the UK rail sector by introducing new products and technologies into the market.

We own UK passenger and freight rolling stock and currently lease trains to 10 train operators and two freight operators within the UK.

Moreover, we procure and finance new rolling stock and have invested more than £3 billion in new trains since privatisation. We are also committed to maintaining the quality and reliability of our existing assets.


Eversholt Rail’s passenger rolling stock portfolio has 19 separate passenger fleets, and freight locomotives.

Our passenger fleet comprises 2,775 vehicles, of which 2,038 are electric-powered and 236 are bi-mode. In terms of existing rolling stock, it has benefited from continued investment by Eversholt Rail. These fleets range from 75mph suburban Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) to 140mph high-speed intercity trains. We also own a significant proportion of the UK’s most modern self-powered fleets.

Eversholt Rail’s rolling stock fleets operate exclusively in the UK.


Our strategy is underpinned by our Sustainability Agenda.

We are well positioned to support the transport industry’s transition to net zero by 2050, by continuing to decarbonise our existing assets, and investing in green first-in-class solutions to grow our portfolio.
Our Sustainability Agenda sets out how we create value for our stakeholders as we deliver our strategy, responsibly. We continue to review our alignment with best practice and leading sustainability reporting frameworks.