Field Consulting

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Company overview

Field Consultancy is a political and corporate communications consultancy. We specialise in helping clients to change policy and perceptions. How? By combining industry and political experience, deep media and policy knowledge, with the disruptive attitude of a start-up.



  • Political and media monitoring.
  • Political intelligence and insight.
  • Stakeholder mapping and audits.
  • Policy analysis.
  • Political due diligence and risk analysis.
  • Project and political appraisals for planning and development projects.
  • Perception auditing.
  • MP and stakeholder polling.
  • In-house qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Run focus groups, polling and nationally representative surveys.



  • Strategic counsel.
  • Message and narrative development.
  • Campaign development.
  • Policy development and testing.
  • Collateral development.
  • Select Committee, media and speech-making training.
  • Community Consultation and engagement strategy development.



  • Political engagement.
  • Policy analysis.
  • Bill lobbying.
  • Media relations.
  • Crisis and issues management.
  • Social media and digital engagement.
  • Speech writing.
  • Thought leadership.
  • Coalition building.
  • Event and conference management.
  • Party Conference programmes.
  • Industrial relations communications.
  • Collateral creation for events, consultations and stakeholder briefings.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement.
  • In person and online public consultation delivery.
  • Graphic design and design services.

Case studies

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