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Company overview

Part of the Gate Worldwide group, Global Reach Technology develops high-performance wireless ISP solutions and services. Used in the biggest, most complex Wi-Fi networks and places, these products improve connectivity for brands, customers, and operators. And with enhanced connectivity comes increased footfall, revenue, brand loyalty, dwell time, customer satisfaction, and social inclusion.

Global Reach Technology simplifies challenging connectivity, working across a wide range of operating environments and vertical industries (including transport). Its technology is underpinned by an expert understanding of customer requirements. It is also built for scale, handling billions of global Wi-Fi sessions each year.

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Global Reach Technology works to create exceptional experiences, maximising the value of every connection.


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Rail solutions

66 per cent of the UK’s rail journeys begin or end at a station with Global Reach-operated Wi-Fi.

Available as a fully-managed service, Its innovative solutions:

  • Increase loyalty, engagement, and customer satisfaction with single sign-on (SSO).
  • Create a more connected customer experience with an automatic and secure Wi-Fi connection across all trains, stations, and operators.
  • Reduce stress by enhancing communication with passport Wi-Fi.
  • Enable Internet of Things (IoT) connections.
  • Allow operators to monetise connectivity.


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