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Company overview

Graffica provides simulation and modelling consultancy services to the rail industry, with our simulation platform called HERMES (the Holistic Environment for Railway Modelling Evaluation and Simulation).

HERMES provides a great base to digitally explore rail challenges. With it you can design and evaluate infrastructure, timetables, and technology to identify opportunities or issues and find the right solutions.

It is verified by Network Rail to be both highly accurate and highly suitable.

This facility supports a wide range of modelling analysis, including signalling, capacity, timetable, passengers, crew and rolling stock resourcing, human-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, concept development, validation of technology and business options, and Monte-Carlo. The HERMES simulator has been designed to provide an extendable framework to allow users and developers to create new functional modules within the HERMES context and to interface to external third-party systems.


Simulation and modelling

  • Rapid model creation.
  • Detailed modelling analysis.
  • Bespoke developments.

Tailored rail solutions

  • Digital solutions.

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