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Company overview

Gripple is a market-leading manufacturer of wire joining and tensioning systems.

Time-saving simplicity and problem-solving innovations for customers worldwide.

Our range of innovative installation solutions designed for the rail industry help you to make the most of every possession window.

Overhead Line (OLE) Equipment

When it comes to OLE maintenance and electrification, we know that possession windows are never long enough.

That’s why our team, in collaboration with rail industry experts, has developed a range of cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize overhead catenary maintenance and electrification.

These solutions allow contractors to install faster, work safer, and they are easier to use than anything else on the market. Allowing you to save time preparing for works and installing overhead lines, Gripple rail solutions are simple, reliable and come pre-assembled, eliminating the need to measure and cut on site.

SwiftLine Rail Dropper

Install faster, work safer and get more done in each possession window using our SwiftLine Rail Dropper.

Why use Gripple?

  • Network Rail Product Approved – fit for use in OLE applications.
  • Do more in each possession window – fast and easy to install.
  • Speed up installation and bring forward completion dates.
  • Right first time – pre-assembled including Auto-Torque clamp.
  • Simple to use tool free system with minimal training needed.
  • Work safer – spend less time working at height and at night.


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