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Company Overview

Our commitment to you

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you, we are committed to making water, energy, and communities sustainable for generations to come.

We are GHD.

We understand the power of commitment.

Our commitments anchor us to what is truly important. They give us insights into the best ways to partner with clients like you to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Commitment is how we grew from a small engineering practice in Melbourne, Australia, in 1928 into a global professional services company today with over 11,000 employees in 160 offices, on five continents.

No matter where our work takes us around the planet, whether we’re partnering on a local initiative or a global infrastructure project, we’re helping create lasting community benefit. And that’s why our work is more than just a job — it is an unshakable belief in the future we are building.

Working with GHD means partnering with our innovative, multidisciplinary, and globally-connected team. Our commitment is to help you go beyond expectations and deliver sustainable outcomes. We are constantly evolving to fulfil that commitment, and we’re ready to work with you to transform the areas where you work, live and play.


Innovation and technical expertise at our core.

GHD is dedicated to delivering imaginative thinking and exceptional client service to connect and sustain communities around the world.

Rail transport, unlike many other technological advancements, has a major impact on sustainable economic outcomes. The ability to move people, goods and services, efficiently and effectively, is essential to commercial, industrial and social activity.

Through our connected global network of rail professionals, GHD is well equipped to improve efficiency and effectiveness of rail businesses. We support rail operators, asset owners, railway managers, maintainers, financiers, suppliers, contractors and government regulators to deliver optimal railway project design, engineering, delivery and operational solutions.


Our Values

We live these values to strengthen our relationships with our clients and within the communities in which we operate.

Safety – we intrinsically value the safety of ourselves, and others affected by our operations and services.

Teamwork – we collaborate within our global community to help and support each other to achieve client, personal and company goals.

Respect – we value all individuals and nurture both internal and external relationships through listening and understanding.

Integrity – we embrace honesty and trustworthiness through professional and ethical behaviour with our clients, communities, and each other.

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