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Company overview

Henry Williams Ltd was formed in Glasgow in 1883, just 58 years after the opening of the Darlington and Stockton Railway, and we were manufacturing control and signalling equipment for the rapidly expanding rail network.

In 1911, we moved to Darlington to be closer to our railway customers and, as the railways continued to develop, we moved beyond mechanically operated equipment into electrical systems.

Since those early days we have diversified into highways equipment, control systems and forgings, but the rail industry continues to be our core business, the bedrock on which our reputation and success are built.



A new is electrically insulated class II industry standard power range of products for safeguarding signalling distribution on transport networks.

Class II FSPs

Class II FSP01/02/04 Location Case – Henry Williams Ltd. (hwilliams.co.uk)

Class II FSP03 Location Case – Henry Williams Ltd. (hwilliams.co.uk)

Class II FSP04 Power Annexe – Henry Williams Ltd. (hwilliams.co.uk)

LEMUR-AG15 Solar Mitigation

Henry Williams are an approved supplier/installer of LEMUR-AG15, a novel technology developed to solve the challenges of over-heating assets due to solar gain.

Domino & Mimic

The Henry Williams ‘Domino’ panel is one of the most reliable and flexible signalling panels allowing simple upgrades and modifications to large or small areas with minimal disruption.


Henry Williams are an industry leader in the design, supply and manufacture of metal, EIC & GRP enclosures and cubicles for the distribution of DNO power connections and point heating installations.


The forged fishplate provides the strongest achievable joint between sections of rail – the key features being the improved grain flow and facility to incorporate a strengthening profile. In the case of light rail applications or small quantities of extreme combinations of rail profile offsets not warranting the manufacture of forging dies, we will manufacture from bar, profiled section or plate.

Signalling and Crossings

Our team understands the restrictions and tight timescales during signalling possessions, manufacturing Location Case and REB assemblies that give signalling engineers complete confidence in our products.

Railways Treadle

We offer an refurbishment service to extend the life and maintain the high reliability of the treadle switch, by refurbishing existing units and replacing all wearing components at a fraction of the new unit cost. The treadle switches are Network Rail approved, CAT numbers:

  • Cautor® 086/046303
  • Forfex® Std 086/046306
  • Forfex® A-B 086/046311 Forfex® B-A 086/046318
  • FBB 086/046316 EU Base 088/092963
  • Cautor® 086/046300 Forfex® Std 086/046305
  • Forfex® A-B 086/046310 Forfex® B-A 086/046315
  • BHB 086/046317