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About us

Hilti Fleet Management offers a unique solution for businesses in the UK rail sector, providing access to the tools and equipment needed for each project, without the burden of storing unnecessary equipment. With the ability to customize a mix of tools, businesses can ensure they have what they need, when they need it, contributing to the success of each project. By exchanging tools for the latest generation at the end of the contract period, typically 36 months for cordless tools and 48 months for combihammers or breakers, the fleet is always up to date, highly productive, and compliant with the latest safety standards. This can bring significant benefits to the UK rail sector, where staying up to date with the latest technology can contribute to improved efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Increase engineering and design efficiency

Quality technical solutions for even the most complex projects

Efficiently defining and documenting quality technical solutions for complex construction projects can be difficult. Partner with Hilti for clear, expert advice, easy access to relevant technical product data and solutions designed to help you meet projects requirements for safety, accuracy, cost efficiency and quality.

Our experienced engineers can help throughout your project lifecycle – from design to installation to building management. Our engineering competence centers and project management offices can assist with customised solutions while jobsite support specialists can provide technical advice. Access our website for technical documentation or explore technical topics on the Ask Hilti online engineering forum.

Here when you need us

Hilti’s direct sales model offers businesses in the UK rail sector many advantages, including a dedicated Rail Account Manager who is always available for support, either on-site, via email, or phone. These Managers are highly-trained and knowledgeable about the sector, providing application advice, technical know-how, product demonstrations, and much more. With their distinctive red Hilti van and the latest products, they can meet businesses at a location of their choice, at least once a month. Thanks to the Hilti direct sales model, businesses can have peace of mind, knowing that their Account Manager is always there to support them. If unsure who their Account Manager is, businesses can easily get in touch with Hilti Customer Services, who will put them in touch, using the phone number 0800 886 100.