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Company overview

Hitachi Rail Limited is the UK operation for global transport specialist Hitachi Rail. With over 100 years’ experience building pioneering trains, offering quality maintenance, and developing innovative new technology around the globe.

We are a fully integrated, global provider of rail solutions across rolling stock, signalling, operation, service and maintenance, digital technology, and turnkey.

A leader in rail systems and solutions, we are improving transport for passengers, connecting communities, and helping to boost the UK’s economy.

Hitachi Rail Limited is delivering major orders for new trains that will add to the 286 trains that are already transforming rail journeys across the UK. We have brought train manufacturing back to the North East, with our state of the-art factory in County Durham, unlocking a £2.2 billion investment in the UK supply chain.

With a proud reputation for innovation, Hitachi is a leader in sustainable battery train solutions and focussed on using digital technology to enhance passenger experience through Smart Mobility. The UK is one of 38 countries where Hitachi Rail has a presence and is home to one of 11 manufacturing sites across three continents. Today, the UK business has over 2,600 employees, while globally Hitachi Rail has over 12,000 employees.

Products and solutions

Rolling Stock Solutions

Engineering excellence, innovation and improving passenger experience.

Operation, Service and Maintenance

Best-in-class services designed to maximise product life cycle, support customer’s operations readiness processes and enhance the customer experience.

Digital Signalling and Systems

Designing, building, operating, and maintaining railway and mass transit solutions – from fully integrated turnkey solutions to traditional signalling systems. Station and information systems focused on human flow application, smart security, and smart ticketing.

Turnkey Rail Solutions

Industry-leading automatic and fully unmanned driverless (UTO) turnkey transportation systems.

Rail Components

Hitachi Rail design, develop and manufacture an extensive range of modular components across rolling stock and signalling.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Hitachi. We are investing in innovative rail to provide solutions for sustainability, autonomous vehicles, digitalisation, urbanisation and customer experience.

Why? Because all of these will enhance customer satisfaction and increase passenger experience.

Global market trends are also demanding the use of disruptive technologies and we are seeing the introduction of new business models across the mobility sector. This is why we are investing in new digital and data capabilities and embedding them across our organisation.

We are industry pioneers and recognise that innovation is key to improving operational efficiency and maintaining our customer and partners’ trust. And we are also developing the next generation of digital innovation products and services, through taking advantage of the Hitachi Lumada IoT platform, increasing our collaboration with existing Hitachi ventures and harnessing the full power of the Hitachi brand. Testing and innovating solutions at an accelerator speed, to bring new concepts to market without delay.

Our Innovation Pillars:

  • Zero Infrastructure.
  • Autonomous Trains.
  • Automated Maintenance.
  • Services for Mobility.
  • Smart Factory.

Supply Chain

We believe that by working together we can achieve our commitment to play our part in delivering a best-in-class product for the millions of passengers who travel on the world’s rail networks every day.

Discover more about working together, our shared ways of working, EcoVadis and working with us here


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