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Company overview

Supporting a range of key industries, i-Glo specialises in safety and wayfinding products for:

  • Rail platforms.
  • Highways.
  • Buildings and construction work.

These innovative, net zero products (which range from surface-mounted tactiles to ramps, steps, and anti-slip solutions) are manufactured onsite at i-Glo’s automated production facility. Complete with a minimum five-year guarantee, they can be installed by the company’s fully qualified team – giving customers peace of mind and improving safety and accessibility for passengers.

i-Glo was founded in 2016; today, it is a trusted supplier to the rail industry (including Network Rail and AmcoGiffen), making platforms safer, more accessible, and more sustainable.

i-Glo offers a range of innovative safety and wayfinding solutions for rail environments, including:

  • Flexitactalert range: a high-visibility, surface-mounted tactile system that can adhere to any existing surface, warning pedestrians that they have reached a platform edge or crossing. i-Glo employs innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure that Flexitactalert’s resin/aggregate base includes 25 per cent recycled plastic. Low-cost, hardwearing, and easy to install and maintain, the range has been designed for pedestrian and wheelchair user safety.
  • Antislip: this resin-aggregate mix can be applied to any surface as an anti-slip pattern, preventing slip accidents whatever the weather. Easy to apply and suitable for a range of surfaces (both new and old), it lasts three times longer than GPR – making it a cost-effective, long-term solution.
  • Flexitactguidance – smart guide app: a smart guide beacon designed to be embedded beneath Flexitactalert tactiles, Flexitactguidance emits a signal that is picked up by smartphones. This signal converts to an audio message, relaying directional information. Ideal for updating visually impaired pedestrians, or making them aware of hazards.
  • Safestreets: this innovative diversion system was designed to minimise accidents and access issues during street works. It comprises a ramp base fitted with an anti-slip mat, safety handrails, and glow-in-the-dark features to demarcate the ramp’s edges, helping pedestrians, cyclists, and those who are visually or mobility-impaired to cross safely.
  • Securestep: designed to make access safer for sighted and visually impaired pedestrians. Featuring solar-powered ‘glo-in-the-dark’ technology, the system is ideal for buildings and footpaths.

  • Discmark: a range of innovative wayfinding solutions, designed to illuminate hazards and edging. i-Glo bound markers can be embedded in any new resin bound surface – including pathways and block paving. Diskmark products are designed to be applied to walkways, stair risers and steps, improving safety and directing pedestrians to emergency exits. Available in ‘glo-green’ or ‘glo-blue’.
  • Cyclesafealert: a range of temporary or permanent products, designed to improve visibility and make cycling safer. Includes reflective, ‘glo-in-the-dark’ markers and cycle lane deliniators with flexible barriers.

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