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Ibstock is leading the way when it comes to the manufacture of very low embodied carbon pre-cast concrete products for the rail industry. Manufacturing a wide range of concrete rail infrastructure products including cable troughing, platform copings, signal bases and retaining wall systems, Ibstock has you covered.

Ibstock has its roots deeply set in traditions, manufacturing excellence and dedication to customer service that have existed for many years. Our comprehensive product range within the rail and infrastructure sector, as well as specialising in solutions for various retaining walls and cable protection, has been developed to meet the sector’s needs.

Ibstock is pioneering the way when it comes to the manufacture of very low embodied carbon pre-cast concrete products for the rail industry. Some of the highlights include:

  • Signal bases – delivering up to an 80% reduction in embodied carbon and offering a more sustainable solution, without compromising quality or ease of use.
  • Platform copers – the concrete in both the Dual and Trestle Copers have been manufactured with an 80% reduction in eCO2, giving a total reduction of 70% for the embodied carbon of both products.

The complete range consists of rail troughs, signal bases, platform copers, cable protection and cable theft deterrents plus retaining wall solutions tailored for the sector. In addition to a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ standard products, there is also a ‘bespoke’ manufacturing service which can deliver a simple or complex project – whatever shape and size of concrete is ordered.

Ibstock’s manufacturing capability enables it to produce large volumes of custom-made concrete solutions for the most demanding of projects whether it’s for rail, highways, utilities or power generation for example.

Platform Solutions

When it comes to platform solutions, Ibstock has more than five years experience in supplying high-quality, low embodied carbon platform copers to the rail sector.

Our ‘umbrella’ of products comprises the G-Tech Dual Coper, Trestle Coper and Low Tactile Paving. The concrete in both the Dual Coper and Trestle Coper has been manufactured with an 80% reduction of eCO2 (providing an overall reduction of 70% in the coper); whilst the company’s low embodied carbon tactile paving provides an excellent retrofit solution to existing station platforms, which do not have this safety feature.

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Signal bases

Our range of precast concrete Signal Bases are manufactured using low-carbon concrete, delivering up to an 80% reduction in embodied carbon, without compromising quality or ease of use compared to traditional concrete.

The manufacturing process itself provides consistency of product resulting in reduced material wastage and less trackside time needed by installation teams. The products include lifting eyes and bolt cradles to make trackside installation easier and quicker, as well as cable access ducting as standard.

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We also offer a bespoke pre-cast capability for up to 10T in weight from single units through to multiple ones. Custom-made designs are manufactured ‘off-site’ to the exact specifications required, thereby eliminating the potential resource cost and risk implications associated with casting concrete on site.

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Ibstock’s extensive concrete portfolio of troughing, signal bases and complementary rail products are designed to comply with Network Rail standards and, as a result, have full Network Rail Approval Status, Certificate No. PA05/00318 and PA05/05810, and RISQS accreditation (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme).