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Infinitive Group

About Us

Infinitive Group was founded in order to drive our passion for innovative, creative and leading engineering.

With a strong track record and in depth technical knowledge of the transport industry, we are now seen as a respected, independent, specialist consultancy within the sector.

We believe in making a positive difference through reinvesting experience in our research and development projects in order to achieve and deliver sustainable engineering excellence.

Imagine how your business would change if you could travel in time. To see what the future holds could change the way you plan, deliver, and operate your business.

Our Vision…

At Infinitive Group, we are driving the future. Using our unique knowledge of the industry and the technologies available, we are helping the transport industry transform itself from a data rich industry to an information rich industry; providing our clients unique insights to their assets and operations, and enabling them to deliver world class services.

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Our Rail Specialism

Our services for Railways include, but are not limited, to:

• Franchise bidding support for rolling stock strategy
• High & Very High Speed
• Metro & Light rail
• Regional, Commuter and Intercity
• Track & Signalling
• Station infrastructure
• Maintenance

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