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Company overview

Software development specialist ITAL delivers state-of-the-art SaaS technology to the transport industry, focusing on revenue protection and rail operations.

Founded in 2003, the company works closely and collaboratively with clients, helping them to manage operational costs and enhance the customer experience. Its team uses IoT technology and the digital twin ecosystem to digitise legacy infrastructure and bring together siloed data sets. The data it provides helps operators to maintain their assets more effectively, and enables passengers to make better travel decisions.

With unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ITAL’s in-house team specialises in solving challenges for transport organisations. And, because each client is unqiue, ITAL products, services, and workflow solutions can be tailored to fit existing processes.


Behind ITAL’s software solutions are its data and UI/UX experts – and Dynamis, its data warehouse.

ITAL graphic


ITAL acts as a trusted partner to organisations including DLR, transport for London, Greater Anglian, Grand Central, Cross Country, Chiltern Railways, C2C and London Underground.

Mobile apps

ITAL’s mobile platform, Kinetic, provides apps, tools, and real-time information for frontline teams.

It brings everything together in one place, enabling staff to access the right information when they need it.

ITAL Kinetic

Modules include:

  • Driver schedule cards.
  • InformS.
  • Two-way communications.
  • Fault reporting.
  • Revenue protection.
  • Surveys.
  • Workflow and task management.
  • Subscription.

Rail operation solutions

Using state-of-the-art technology, ITAL is delivering the digital railway – with a focus on, not just signalling, but crew management, timetabling, and other areas. Its solutions include:


Enabling operators to manage staff, rolling stock, and disruption in real time.


Enabling train planners to optimise the validation of diagrams.

SMART (Service Monitor and Recovery Tool)

Enabling decision-making that enhances the customer experience.

DART (Delay Attribution Recording Tool) 

Enabling operators to capture information on disruptions and make better-informed decisions.

Live Maps

This control room display offers an overview of network, infrastructure and train services.


A messaging platform for real-time alerting.

Case management

Simplify case management with mercury, an innovative software solution featuring:

  • Configurable workflows.
  • Automated track case management functionality.
  • Court management tool.
  • Bulk management tool.

And more.