L.B. Foster Europe

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Company overview

L.B. Foster Europe is a world class engineering solutions business with a market leading reputation around the world for high-quality, high-performance track components and innovative friction management solutions.

We are a specialist, end-to-end supplier to the global rail sector. Our performance critical engineering solutions fulfil an essential role in maintaining the safe and reliable operation of rail networks around the world. We focus on innovation, creating leading-edge engineering and digital communication technology solutions for the rail, infrastructure, and built environment.

Rail solutions include:

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Our five core purposes

  1. Enabling Safety

We always place safety first in everything we do.

  1. Improving Information Flow

We transform data into innovative solutions to improve how we navigate our world.

  1. Keeping Things Moving

We embrace innovations that relentlessly drive things forward.

  1. Monitoring Conditions

We develop dynamic solutions that respond to critical changes in performance.

  1. Enhancing Environments

Our principles

  • We solve problems.
  • We think big.
  • We are relentless.
  • We nurture relationships.
  • We exercise care.