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LISTA is one of the world’s leading providers of warehouse and workspace equipment.

With the LISTA system, we are one of the few manufacturers to offer our customers a complete range of high-quality equipment solutions, from drawer cabinets to cabinet, shelving, workbench and workstation systems, and all the way through to the dynamic storage lift. We make our products at three sites exclusively within Switzerland and Germany. International sales are conducted through our own branches and trained specialist trade partners.

We traditionally have a strong foothold in the public transport sector. Lots of railways and transport companies rely on our system solutions in their depots and operating facilities. The key feature is products like drawer cabinets and workshop trolleys, which allow the safe storage of tools and materials. Workbenches and cabinet systems are also popular for storing work clothing and personal items.

Extensive partitioning materials and accessories ensure that customers in the public transport sector have operating equipment that is tailored to their needs. This not only provides a more manageable arrangement, but also improves efficiency and ergonomics in sector-specific workflows.

Our company stands for superb quality across the entire value chain, in both production and services. We aim to create solutions that meet the very highest demands. As such, we are committed to values such as far-ranging expertise, flexibility, customer focus and experience. Today, our list of customers includes over 100,000 well-known companies worldwide.


Comprehensive range
from A for access control to W for workstation systems

The system concept
all products can be freely combined

Tailor-made solutions
for customers with specific needs

Maximum flexibility
with a choice of colours, configuration options and more

Wide range of services
such as training, planning, assembly, labelling, etc.

10-year guarantee
unique in the industry

Worldwide distribution and service network
for unlimited customer service

First-class references
from more than 100000 prestigious companies worldwide


Fabrikstrasse 1, 8586 Erlen, Switzerland

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