LP Brussels Ltd

Company overview

LP Brussels is an integrated communications company, specialising in public affairs and public relations. We help clients achieve results, get their voices heard and effect change.

Reputation Building 

Having a positive reputation is vital for your brand – opening doors and mitigating risk. Whether as part of a long-term strategy or crisis management, we help you to build your reputation and to achieve your public affairs and public relations goals by positioning you as leaders in your fields and trusted partners.

Public Affairs 

We believe in free thinking, free trade, an effective single market and a forward looking and global approach to innovation, competition, and sustainability. We help create a favourable regulatory environment for you, built on evidence-based policy making and proportionate regulation.

Public Relations 

An effective public relations campaign can help you build your brand and your reputation. It is more than simply tweeting a press release – it is building relationships, making arguments and most of all, getting yourself heard. We help you get your message across to targeted audiences, by ensuring that the right message is delivered at the right time, to the right people.

Who We Are

Our team has first-hand experience working at different levels of government, think tanks and corporate communications. We bring broad and wide-ranging experience to you, having worked on a diverse portfolio of clients.