LUBCON Lubricants UK Ltd

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Company overview

As the UK subsidiary of family-owned German company LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH, LUBCON Lubricants UK Ltd specialises in industrial lubricants and lubrication systems. Founded in 1980, it now produces over 1000 premium lubricants, including aerosols, solvents/cleaners, greases, oils, and pastes.

These products have been developed to meet the needs of customers in almost every sector, and are suitable for:

  • Train, rail, and wheel
  • Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical
  • The corrugated industry
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Machine tools
  • Paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Wind energy
  • Automotive industry
  • The vacuum and nuclear industry

Committed to quality, safety, and customer trust, LUBCON Lubricants UK Ltd also provides a range of specialist services – including lubricant analysis, bearing analysis, management of lubrication tasks, and lubrication training.

Safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable: high-quality LUBCON lubricants for rail

As a trusted industry specialist, LUBCON Lubricants UK Ltd recognises that lubricants for the rail sector must be eco-friendly, biodegradable and compliant with rigorous safety standards. Working closely with OEMs, rail and vehicle owners, operators, and maintenance companies, it has developed a range of water and oxidation-resistant lubricants, ideal for train, tram, and metro applications. By selecting the right lubricant and application device, and remaining mindful of operational and environmental factors, the company helps to ensure that vehicles operate safely and efficiently, even in challenging conditions.


Rail infrastructure must perform safely and efficiently, even in harshest weather conditions. As a result, it requires high-performance lubricants, specially developed to meet the industry’s requirements. LUBCON’s tested and approved lubricants:

  • Reduce wear
  • Reduce mixed, noise-intensive friction between wheels and rail
  • Are biodegradable
  • Are compliant with stringent environmental and safety regulations

Top of Rail Conditioning instead of Curve Squealing

Residents, passengers and conductors – all of them know the unpleasant sound released by rail-bound traffic, especially in curves. This high-pitched sound is also known as curve squealing. To reduce this sound LUBCON developed Sintono® Terra HLK in collaboration with maintenance operators and plant technicians. The friction modifier helps to control the vibrations between wheel flange and rail edge and can therefore effectively reduce noise. Sintono® Terra HLK can be applied on top of rail as well as on rail edges. It fulfils the criteria for braking and traction capability and is biologically degradable. It forms a lubricating film that is resistant to water and oxidation and sticks well to all surfaces. Moreover, the lubricant has a very good load carrying capacity.


Safe, efficient, compact and reliable, LUBCON’s MicroMax & DuoMax lubrication systems are designed to lubricate engine or motor bearings. These proven automatic devices offer optimum lubrication of the required quantity during operation and over long periods.

Accurate and safe lubrication of switches with LUBCON SL 60

LUBCON’s SL 60 switch lubricator system is designed for fast, accurate and smooth application of high viscosity lubricating oils on switch blades. With a working pressure of 138 bar, it is not only possible to achieve a decent cleaning effect, but also a high surface wetting ability in a short time. The handy and compact design offers a quick and easy operation as well as clean refilling of the lubricant within seconds. In combination with LUBCON’s Terrasol SWA switch oils, the system guarantees reliable and quick maintenance of the switches, which improves their functionality and safety.

Vehicle lubrication

Complex rail vehicle components require specially developed lubricants. LUBCON’s eco-friendly, high-performance lubricants protect them against wear and tear, helping to lengthen maintenance intervals. Its portfolio features products for:

  • Door mechanisms
  • Clutches
  • Buffer heads
  • Brakes

Committed to quality, safety and trust

LUBCON Lubricants UK Ltd has built its success on quality, safety, and trust, gaining a range of accreditations, complying with European standards, and ensuring that its lubricants are thoroughly tested. Learn more about its certificates and processes here.

LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH and its subsidiaries attend a range of industry events, including TRAKO and Railtex.