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As consultants, it would be easy to simply tell you about what we do to create and grow (or fix) highly effective teams, build collaborative behaviours to optimise individuals and groups through results driven learning, and to develop healthy cultures, but our clients describe it better than we can.

Our clients have openly told us that “M&M empower our people to find their collaborative strengths and build upon them” and that “The unique offering M&M provides is that their organisation applies both logic and emotional aspects in equal proportion.”

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About Mahoney and Matthews

M&Ms founding story started with two friends, big dreams, and ideas penned on a paper serviette in a tired London pub. Their collaborative working style created the kind of indefinable magic that made an impact to people, and therefore teams and projects, and they wanted to share more of it. Their experience in organisational learning was a common factor to which added individual flavour, but what really bound M&M together as co-founders – and more importantly – co-friends, were common values, a hard-work ethic, and a love of having fun at work as well as a growing desire to work in a way that prioritised quality over quantity, people over profit.

M&M create and develop teams to perform at their best through training and coaching for the development and application of collaborative competencies such as leadership, communication, and innovation to deliver world-class solutions for clients and their customers. Together they’ve designed and implemented multiple blended learning programs and have led teams to win and deliver major global design and build, progressive P3, IPD and Alliance projects across a range of sectors.

Founding Partner

Founding Partner

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