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About us

Marlec was formed in 1978 in Rutland – the smallest county in the UK – by our founder John Fawkes who subsequently received a Wind Energy Pioneer award from the British Wind Energy Association. As an early-retired successful engineer and businessman he was asked to investigate methods of keeping batteries topped up on farms to operate electric fence units located away from the grid. The solution was the Rutland Windcharger a simple, reliable, quiet and efficient wind driven battery charging generator.

Worldwide there are now tens of thousands satisfied Marlec product users and in some of the earth’s most extreme climates ranging from Antarctica to the Sahara Desert. Wherever there is a need for low power, at any location in the world, Marlec have the solution.

Uses for the Rutland Windcharger quickly diversified and they were soon seen on ocean going yachts, remote telecommunication sites, static caravans, isolated homes, navigational buoys and clinics in Africa.

Our heritage and expertise in renewable energy enables us to provide a turnkey design service for our customers. If you have a requirement to run your equipment off grid, we can configure and supply a complete power system for application to give you reliable year round power generation. We have provided systems for powering traffic equipment, remote CCTV installations, rural broadband sites, seismic activity sensors and hundreds of other applications.

Wind and Solar Power for Remote Rail Crossings

Marlec’s engineers calculated the energy requirement of the CCTV and gate systems concluding that the solution lay in a balance of both a wind turbine and solar panel at each site. The combination of our professional FM910-4 Windcharger with a 240W solar panel would provide the level of reliability required at these demanding locations. Using our detailed understanding of the characteristics and battery charging capabilities of our Windchargers and solar panels we were able to accurately model realistic performance indications for Network Rail.

The Rutland FM910-4 Windcharger was ideal for this application for reasons over and above the fact that its power specification fitted.