Matisa (UK) Ltd

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Company overview

MATISA (UK) Ltd supply track maintenance and construction equipment including related services, spare parts, and training. Offering a complete range of machines and services, we meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, reliability, and safety.

Close collaboration between our development engineers and designers and utilising customer feedback collected by our sales managers, enables us to meet the evolving needs of the rail industry.

We enable our signature Swiss quality, as expected by the players in the railway sector by a local production site regrouping our entire specialised workforce. The proximity of our design department and production line at the same location provides excellent communication, live interaction and guarantees optimal product build.

With an optimal spare parts management system and specialised technicians dedicated to providing excellent customer services, we support your machine throughout its lifetime.


MATISA services occupy the crossroads where commissioning, spare parts, retrofits, documentation, training, and coordination meet. This concept of a coordinated service is critically important to MATISA.


  • Plain line tampers.
  • Universal tampers.
  • Track construction trains.
  • Track renewal trains.
  • Ballast regulators.
  • Ballast cleaners.
  • Auscultation vehicles.
  • Transport wagons.