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At the forefront of innovation

MERMEC, based in Italy with branches, offices, and facilities in 21 countries, including the UK, has been a reliable and innovative developer of high-tech solutions for the railway and steel industries for over 30 years.

Our innovation-driven culture sets us apart, as we have the capacity to develop all software and equipment in-house that forms the backbone of our solutions.

MERMEC has a highly skilled workforce of about 1,400 individuals, including 1,000 engineers. This technical expertise enables us to develop and market a well-structured portfolio of advanced solutions, which are currently deployed in 73 countries worldwide.

Business Areas

MERMEC has pioneered the development and application of optoelectronic technology for real-time, non-contact measurement of track geometry parameters from moving trains for decades.

Today, MERMEC can offer the market the widest portfolio of automated systems for measuring and inspecting rail infrastructure. These systems are designed and manufactured entirely in-house thanks to a wide range of skills ranging from the design and manufacture of rail vehicles to the development of dedicated electronics, and machine learning algorithms.

Our portfolio spans diverse sectors, reflecting our dedication to innovation and evolution, and includes:

Analytics & Data Infrastructure 

Cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel for rail inspection as contracted services. We take care to identify your rail’s problems, find the root causes, and plan the perfect corrective interventions.

  • Track Recording Cars.
  • Measuring Systems.
  • Analysis Software.
  • Data Management and Processing.
  • Reporting.


Measuring trains and systems

MERMEC’s families of track recording cars and automated opto-electronics systems open a new technological frontier in maintaining and renewing railway infrastructure and rolling stock fleets.

Engineered to be easily personalized to meet the needs and wants of the most demanding customers, our product portfolio is now second to none. We design every single system with the complete picture in mind so it is seamlessly interoperable, future-proof, and real value for money.

  • Recording Cars.
  • Track Measurement & Inspection.
  • Catenary Measurement & Inspection.
  • Train Monitoring.
  • Recording Car Renewal.


Signalling & Telecoms Systems

Complete rail signaling and control solutions around the world to mainline, freight, metro, and light railways. With our world-class technologies, we can apply effective solutions to a wide variety of technical challenges.

  • Automatic Train Control.
  • Traffic Control Systems.
  • Interlocking Systems.
  • Lineside Equipment.
  • Telecommunication Networks.


Steel and industrial applications

The MERMEC Industrial Business Unit offers a complete range of measuring solutions for steel industry applications:

  • Hot Rolled Long Products.
  • Seamless Rolled Rings.
  • Open Die Forgings.
  • Monoblock Wheels.
  • Surface Check.



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