Millgate Ltd

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Company overview

Millgate Ltd is guided by a simple mission – to provide tech services, products, and solutions that actually work for clients.

Launched 26 years ago, it now acts as a trusted advisor to over 7,500 organisations, gaining an understanding of their needs and developing solutions that meet and exceed them.

Millgate Ltd works across the transport, education, retail, and healthcare systems, supplying products, solutions, and services for telecoms and IT.

Its unique approach – which involves working in interdependent teams – enables it to deliver end-to-end solutions and tangible benefits. This process is broken down into six stages:

  • Understand.
  • Discover.
  • Design.
  • Demonstrate.
  • Implement.
  • Support.

What Millgate Ltd does

Remote working and seamless collaboration.

Peace of mind for your business.

Bring together mobiles, landlines, and data.

Streamlining the support your business needs.

Ensure your business thrives with a robust environment.

Develop the right procurement model for your business.

Success stories

Learn more about the complete solutions Millgate Ltd develops – and the difference they are making to its clients.