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Company overview

Modux has been providing software development, R&D, and cybersecurity consultancy services for over 15 years. Initially serving the UK defence industry, it went on to develop a range of products for rail. Today, these solutions are now enabling train operators to improve the management of their networks with analytics, secure device access, and enhanced data acquisition.

With its strong technical foundation and expert team, Modux is an NCSC-approved CHECK company, and can undertake penetration testing and provide security assessment services under the government-accredited CHECK scheme.

Innovative rail technology

Modux works with leading train operators, helping them to ensure that networks are managed efficiently, cost effectively, safely, and to the highest standards.

Its rail products include:

Silverhawk operational gateway technology

Enabling users to manage operational technology remotely and securely across industrial environments.


Extract data from legacy on-train data records and forward to onboard systems and cloud analytics in real time. An easy-to-integrate solution that can interface with Wabtec Q-TRON, Hasler & Grinsty OTMR, allowing users to access live data feeds in the cloud.