Mosaic Rail

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Cost effective signalling design solutions

Specialising primarily in signalling, we provide flexible support to a variety of other disciplines without the need for full scale mobilisation.



Services include, but not limited to:

  • GRIP 1-4 signalling scope determination incl. assessments, reports and technical advice
  • E810 interlocking assessment reports
  • Signalling scheme plans and extracts
  • Braking and TPWS calculations
  • CBI/RRI control tables
  • CBI interlocking data preparation
  • CBI/SSI trackside design incl. TFM and Axle Counter schematics
  • RRI free-wired interlocking trackside design
  • Panel and signaller interface design
  • Signalling bonding design
  • Level crossing design
  • Remote control design incl TDM and FDM
  • TPWS trackside design
  • Fringe Specifications
  • Signalling design specifications
  • CT-S/CR-T production to clients requirements


Services include, but not limited to:

  • Contractor’s Responsible Engineer capability
  • Contractor’s Engineering Manager capability
  • Project Engineering Manager capability
  • Project Manager capability
  • Project Engineer capability
  • IDC/IDR assistance and multidisciplinary coordination