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Company overview

Mosdorfer Rail is part of the global Knill Gruppe, a group of 30 high-tech companies, headquartered in Weiz, Austria.

With over 2,200 employees worldwide, the group (which has been family owned since 1712), specialises in energy transmission and distribution.

Its Rail division, Mosdorfer Rail, is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of Railway catenary systems and solutions. Mosdorfer Rail offer a comprehensive range of products, including complete catenary systems, cantilevers, tensioning systems (Tensorex C+), clamps, connectors, and composite insulators. Its professional team is on hand to help clients, whether they need commercial, technical, logistical, or quality support.

Rail solutions

With the acquisition of the rail business of a German organisation at the beginning of 2022, Mosdorfer has become a global player in Rail infrastructure solutions. These additional products will be used to extend metro, streetcar, regional transport and high-speed lines worldwide. Together with the existing products in overhead lines, this will create exciting opportunities and synergies for the entire company.

Reliable and maintenance-free infrastructure provides the basis for trouble free operation of electric railways for local and long-distance travel. Rail traffic is steadily increasing around the world. This places new demands on railway lines – both on existing routes as they expand and on newly built lines.

Mosdorfer Rail is a full-service provider offering innovative and sustainable solutions for electric railways and tramways. We maintain a consistent focus on the reliability of the overhead contact system and high track availability.

  • Tensioning systems (including Tensorex C+).
  • Cantilevers & fittings.
  • Insulation technology.
  • Power supply.
  • Safety equipment.

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