MPEC Technology Ltd

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Company overview

MPEC Technology Ltd is an industry leader in condition monitoring and remote event solutions. Founded over 20 years ago, the company now offers a range of reliable and robust products, with a focus on safety, performance, and cost-efficiency.

MPEC Technology Ltd’s team works on railway networks around the world, supporting clients like Network Rail, Amey, Siemens, and Thales. Its priority – ensuring that its solutions are of the highest standard.

And, with teams of hardware and software developers in-house, MPEC Technology Ltd works to ensure that these products are Network Rail-approved and suitable for global rail networks. It is committed to improving performance, adding value, and extending the range of assets it monitors.

Services and applications

Hardware and software products

Delivering robust, reliable, and accurate results.

Case studies

MPEC Technology Ltd is helping its clients to overcome a range of challenges with innovative solutions and successful implementations. Learn more about its work around the world.