PA Consulting Ltd


Company overview

PA Consulting is a different kind of consulting firm – one with innovation and transformation at its heart.

For over 75 years, it has been helping clients to transform, adapt, and address complex challenges. Today, it taps into the power of ingenuity, building a positive human future.

PA Consulting’s strategists, innovators, consultants, designers, digital experts, engineers, scientists, and technologists bring together cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking, working across a range of sectors.

With its impressive expertise, the firm can deliver end-to-end innovation, enabling clients to explore new opportunities. It takes products from concept through to prototyping, manufacturing and distribution, and helps organisations to create culture, processes, and systems that support innovation.

Key facts

4,000 people.

Eight industries (transport, defence and security, consumer and manufacturing, energy and utilities, government and public services, financial services, health, and life sciences.)

19 locations across the UK, Ireland, the US, the Nordics, and the Netherlands.

Rail industry

PA Consulting Ltd works hand-in-hand with rail organisations, helping them to get the most from technology, transport systems, and engineering.

With an in-depth understanding of the industry and a unique mix of technological and consulting expertise, it can:

  • Develop advanced systems and technology, including train control systems and network signalling and communications.
  • Deliver important programmes, ensuring you get lasting value from your investment.
  • Boost performance and increase efficiency, ensuring that your organisation and processes are set up to support your goals.
  • Improve and support procurement.
  • Develop smart ticketing solutions that will help clients to optimise efficiency and boost capacity.
  • Protect data assets and infrastructure against cyber threats.
  • Harness the talent of employees, helping to build successful, dynamic teams.

Client story

Trafikverket, Sweden.

PA Consulting Ltd brought together analytics, IT, and project management experts to help the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) create new transport forecasting tools and models.