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Company overview

RailSense offers innovative solutions for monitoring and maintaining rail tracks and infrastructure throughout Europe. Using a combination of remote sensors and IIoT technologies, our suite of products can autonomously track flooding, track vertical movement and temperature in real-time, providing valuable insights for operators, asset maintenance teams, and infrastructure owners.

With a centralised dashboard, RailSense offers a real-time view of geographically dispersed assets across the rail network, enabling the optimisation of lifecycle costs and renewal strategies for maximum efficiency and availability. Whether you need to monitor track, cabinets, cranes, or bridges, RailSense provides intelligent and integrated asset performance monitoring you can trust.

Products include:

Track safety monitoring

VoidSense®️ from RailSense is a Network Rail approved void meter (RTVMD) and track temperature monitor. It is designed to be installed on a rail network track to monitor both temperature and movement of the rail, allowing under-track voids to be detected remotely and before occurrence of failure.

Safety through real-time track temperature monitoring

TempSense®️ is a system to measure rail temperature remotely. It provides warning alerts as well as scheduled measurements for Critical Rail Temperature monitoring – all remotely without the need for track side intervention.

Mixed application sensing from up to 8 sensors in an array

MultiSense®️ is a system to measure or monitor rail infrastructure remotely from up to 8 sensors. It can provide warning alerts as well as scheduled measurements for rail infrastructure monitoring – all remotely without the need for track side intervention.

The Internet of Things approach to rail surface water management.

TrackWater includeds IoT sensors and data modelling to better manage and predict the maintenance of railway assets. By proactively managing drainage assets, your maintenance costs, flood events and delay minutes are reduced – improving safety for passengers and operatives. TrackWater is approved by Network Rail.


  • Railway Innovation
  • Void detection
  • Void Meter
  • IoT
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Rail Temperature monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automated monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cost management
  • Full-network track monitoring
  • Maintenance management
  • Rail surface water management
  • Rail surface water monitoring
  • Employee safety
  • Railway safety
  • Flood detection & monitoring

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