RazorSecure Limited

Company overview

RazorSecure are rail cyber security specialists offering products and services to enhance railway cyber security, by protecting networks and monitoring key systems.

We are 100% focused on rail, with products built exclusively for the unique requirements and challenges within onboard and wayside networks.

  • Specialist experience and knowledge.
  • Products designed to provide protection for the entire life of the asset.
  • Innovation roadmap focused on distinct customer requirements, now and in the future.
  • Adaptable to offer you flexibility to manage your key cyber risks on your own terms.
  • Adaptable technology to cover new build and legacy vehicle requirements.
  • Deployment flexibility with consideration of operational and resource constraints.

RazorSecure has been trusted by the rail industry since 2018, with solution deployments across the world, and in live service today.

A key challenge for protecting rail assets is that many security solutions can’t function for the life of the asset once deployed. Our technology does – maintaining effectiveness for the full duration the asset is in service.

  • Visualise your assets with clarity of the full environment.
  • Understand ‘normal’ activity with machine learning.
  • Continuous security monitoring of each individual system.
  • Early detection of Zero-Day and insider attacks.
  • Fully autonomous decision-making at the edge.
  • Monitor performance without excessive false positives.


RazorSecure Echo

Optimising the real-time monitoring of rolling stock and wayside infrastructure.

RazorSecure Delta

Intrusion detection system supported by powerful edge-processing capabilities.

RazorSecure Security Gateway

EN50155 approved Security Gateway platform to enforce secure separation of critical networks.

RazorSecure Digital Maintenance Gateway

Reduce maintenance time and cost and enhance cyber security.

Security Dashboard

Developed with leading train operators, the RazorSecure dashboard is a full feature managed platform presenting high-level overviews and granular data leveraged from all systems, devices, and segmented networks within your fleet.