Reliable Data Systems International Ltd

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Company overview

Reliable Data Systems International Ltd is a UK railway system engineering company specialising in advanced train positioning technology. Our pioneering Driver Support System and Train Positioning System help train drivers to navigate safely through high-pressure situations on unfamiliar sections of track.

  • Research & Development.
  • Speed Measurement.
  • Spot Location.
  • Train Integrity.

Driver Support System (DSS)

A track-precise, real-time rolling route map application for train drivers to use on short diversions, shunts and unexpected stops.

The DSS is a tablet application that presents a rolling schematic map of features on the route ahead, overlaid with the track-precise position of the train using outputs from a train positioning system such as our VTPS.

It was developed with the help of train drivers, railway operations specialists and human factors experts.

Train Positioning System (TPS)

We specialise in software and hardware for train positioning: pinpointing a train’s location along a route, and to a specific track on that route. Our TPS T has three principal components.

  • Navigation Engine.
  • Video Train Positioning System.
  • Train-installable hardware