Reznet Rail

Company overview

Reznet Rail provides global railway engineering solutions for mainline and metro projects.

We are a signalling design consultancy with significant expertise, experience and scale to undertake end to end design and consultancy for signalling projects both within the UK and International rail markets.

With a team of over 40 skilled IRSE designers, complemented by an additional 30 graduate engineers and with offices situated in both Hyderabad and Bangalore, complemented by a UK interface office we are well-equipped to handle comprehensive design packages with full ownership and responsibility for delivery. Alternatively, we can seamlessly bridge resource gaps by providing highly skilled engineers at competitive rates.


Rail signalling

We can deliver complex rail signalling projects to the highest level of quality.

  • Scoping & Feasibility
  • Scheme Design
  • Detailed Design
  • CRE Signalling Design & Design Management
  • Project Support
  • Full design packages or provision of Signalling design resource

Appropriately accredited and competent staff for complex systems

We have the highest standards of training and competence management in place to ensure compliance with local regulation, safety standards and required accreditations and licensing.

A team of expert Signalling Engineers trained and seasoned in delivery excellence across UK projects.

Reznet Capabilities

Level Crossings Design

  • AHB (incl. Signal Regulation)
  • MCB-OD2
  • MCB
  • ABCL
  • AOCL
  • MSL


  • Route Relay Interlocking
  • Westpack MkIV
  • E10k
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Absolute Block
  • SSI

Location Design

  • Freewired
  • SSI
  • Western Region
  • Smart I/O

Intelligent Infrastructure

  • RCM (DCU390M and SA380)
  • Data Loggers

Project Support

  • Design Management
  • CRE – Signalling Design
  • CEM
  • Project Management
  • Signal Sighting
  • SORAT Assessments

Functionally Equivalent Design

  • Form A
  • Form B
  • FED Design
  • Provision of RSE
Train Detection

  • Medium Volatage DC
  • Aster
  • Ebigate 200
  • Ebigate 400
  • Bonding (including yellow bonding)
  • Thales AzLM Axle Counter
  • Frauscher Axle Counter
  • Frauscher Axle Counter Data

Point Machines

  • Clamp Lock (CL)
  • In-Bearer Clamp Lock(IBCL)
  • Electrical Detection on Mechanical Points
  • HW2000

Hot Axle Box Detectors (HABD’s)

  • FUES
  • Phoneix

Linespeed changes

  • TSR Design
  • ESR Design


  • Signals, various types
  • TPWS
  • Signalling Power
  • Control Panels
  • Signallings Route Lists

Scheme Development

  • Scheme Plans
  • Design Specifications
  • Control Tables
  • Power Calculations
  • IDDP
  • SORAT Assessments
  • TPWS Effectiveness Calculations
  • Braking Calculations
  • Aspect Sequence Charts