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Company overview

Roxtec cable, pipe and conduit seals protect rail assets against fire, smoke, water, rodents, gas, vibration, humidity, dust, and EMI. They’ve been tested and approved by London Underground and Network Rail. 

Applications areas include traction power, signalling, cabinets, telecommunications, tunnels and bridges, railway stations and substations. For rolling stock – cable, hose, pipe and conduit sealing systems, and retention applications for, but not limited to; bogie drop cables, pantograph boxes and jumper plates.

Solutions are certified to EN 45545:2/3 in accordance to HL3 and fire rated up to E60, giving long-term protection against multiple risks.

Other applications include solutions for junction boxes, floors, partition walls, roof-top entries, inverters, and converters.

With Roxtec seals it’s possible to route multiple cables, pipes and conduits of different sizes through a single opening. Roxtec is a member of RISQs.

Watch our webinar on efficient sealing of shelters, cabinets and enclosures along the track. It is aimed at operators and shelter and cabinet manufacturers who need to protect rail control systems in line with official regulations.

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