RTS Solutions Limited

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Company overview

RTS Solutions is a UK based technology company creating tailored digital solutions for the rail industry.

With decades of knowledge and expertise in the industry, the team understands and listens to customers, providing meaningful technological solutions which keep the railway moving.
Through a process of collaboration, tailored software is created to help customer operations run smoothly. Users can gain remote access to safety, risk, and hazard information on the go, helping clients to manage operations efficiently.

Aiming to add value to the whole rail industry, RTS Solutions understands procedures and compliance and collaborates closely with its customers to help resolve a diverse range of challenges that the industry faces.

Our Products

Many rail industry processes have continued ‘under the radar’ and have not yet benefitted from technological updates, like the ones we use in everyday life, which can streamline, simplify and enable greater efficiencies.

Gaining access to information quickly and easily is always a challenge, our solutions allow data to be instantly available and easily transferrable between users.

Keeping up to date with change is a challenge we continue to effectively tackle and is why we have built in automated process into our apps.

RTS operational products are designed to perform either as individual applications or be easily configured to create an integrated suite of applications. Enabling a centralised asset maintenance, work order, incident, and reporting management approach via a single, integrated solution. RTS product development is based on the agile approach to enable customer collaboration, reassessment if client requirements based on changing business needs and the easy adaptation of product plans in response to change.

RTS has a proven record of helping organisations with legacy system constraints access critical operational information faster and easier than ever before, whilst ensuring safety and productivity are never compromised and costs remain controlled.

We can assist you with the integration of processes such as:

  • Rail industry’s logistic ordering and planning system (NROL) – all rail borne work orders
  • Rail industry’s working timetable (WTT) – movements on the rail network including freight trains, empty trains coming in and out of depots.
  • Rail industry’s Train Schedule (Schedule) – train schedules from ITPS
  • Rail industry’s Train Movements (Trust) – reports of train movements past timetabled calling and passing points.
  • Not only can RTS help you integrate these systems into your desktop and office environment, we can also provide access to the data on any connected tablet or mobile device.

In addition, our bespoke mapping software and operational planning applications enable organisations to see a geographical representation of their data, giving end users a truly detailed view of the movements on the railway network, as well as providing valuable real-time information about their work sites.

How we work and collaborate with you