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Fare collection systems

As a member of the international Scheidt & Bachmann Group, Scheidt & Bachmann UK offers full services regarding fare collection systems. We carefully handle your projects from planning to realization, and provide local service support for hardware and software.

Scheidt & Bachmann fare collection systems make using public transport easy. In partnership with transport operators around the world, we combine the innovative products and services of our brand FareGo with the unique expertise of our international team to deliver reliable, intuitive, and forward-looking fare collection systems that help make sustainable mobility accessible to everyone.

  • Account-based ticketing – FareGo Suite is an account-based next-generation digital fare collection system that enables passengers to use fare media and payment methods for public transport as they wish. It supports digital fare collection with mobile apps, contactless fare and payment media, open payment and validators and fare gates, as well as traditional ticketing with self-service and staffed sales devices, cash payment and paper tickets.
  • Fare collection devices – that enable you to boost the passenger experience with every customer touchpoint. Be it ticket sales, fare media validation or smooth access to platforms, the advanced FareGo devices help transport operators to provide outstanding services to passengers and are seamlessly integrated in account-based ticketing and card-based systems. We also provide sales devices, validation devices, fare gates and device management.
  • Data management – with digital systems that generate and process informative data to enable transport operators to use their system’s mass data to optimise business performance. You receive real-time information and notifications, gain critical insights and benefit from intelligent predictions and automation options.
  • Services – from maintenance and repair to hosting and managed services, we keep your system ready for sales and help you to deliver a reliable passenger service and maximise profitability. We can even take care of the entire fare collection operation for you as a service and we can strengthen existing capacities.