Sensat Digital


Rail Industry Software

Sensat leverage your existing software ecosystems and data sets by presenting them in context of the real world. This gives you an enhanced understanding of plans, and the ability to spot clashes early.

Test and evaluate your plans in the context of the real-world. Use the platform to better communicate findings and get teams on the same page.

  • 9,000 kg CO2 saved each year per project per site visit.
  • 40+ file types accepted.
  • 60 secs – speak to our team.
  • $250bn worth of infrastructure supported.

Engage with all stakeholders – explain ideas visually to get everyone on the same page.

Assess designs – carry out desktop site walks to gain instant access to your track site – spot and address hazards and limitations early on.

And you can start using Sensat in as little as two weeks.


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