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Company overview

Sensonic provides useful intelligence on railway assets, by turning optical fibres into sensitive microphones to gather vibration information along the entire length of the railway asset.

Using digital twins and algorithms trained by the latest AI and machine learning approaches, we can reveal a multitude of insights, including track condition monitoring, detection of landslides and rock falls, trespass, cable tampering and more.

This holistic view of the entire rail route, without a multitude of external sensors, revolutionises the way decisions can be made and can help improve railway operations.

Vibration based insights for railways:

  • 24/7 view of activities along your network.
  • Detect issues early – every train delivers data.
  • Generate forecasts by combining live and historic data from the SonicTwin®.
  • Simple and quick rollout. Simply power, Internet and fiber optic cable.

Our team comprises both experienced railway and fiber optic sensing professionals with over 200 years’ combined industry experience. We have over 800TB of real railway data.


Fibre Optic Vibration Sensing

Using clever technology, we can sense vibrations along fiber optic cables, which is incredibly useful in monitoring remote or long linear assets. They also work reliably in harsh environments, and don’t create electromagnetic interference and have a long life, making them ideal for monitoring the railway.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing from Sensonic

Sensing unit

The sensing unit sends laser pulses along an optical fiber and monitors returning reflections to gather vibration information.

It processes and stores raw data and sends it to the cloud for further analysis, processing, and storage.

Each unit has two fibre connections monitoring up to 50km of fibre each (typically ~40km of railway) allowing up to 80km between sensing units and it uses dual redundant power supplies for reliability.


We generate a digital twin of detected vibrations, creating a SonicTwin® of your railway, and using machine learning, AI, and advanced algorithms to generate actionable insights to enable you to make better decisions.