Smart Component Technologies (SCT)

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Company overview

Smart Component Technologies (SCT) provide remote condition monitoring solutions for safety and performance critical assets in the Rail industry. Transform your safety and performance critical operations with smart monitoring solutions to inform your business and operational decisions.

Our solutions are based on two platform technologies: – SWIX, a novel monitoring device for assessing track substructure and critical switch components – Smart Washer, a patented and priority embedded clamp force sensing technology that can remotely monitor the mechanical integrity of any bolted connection.

Our technologies are specifically targeted to enable the transition to condition-based or risk-based maintenance regimes and will deliver the operational benefits of extended asset life, reduced in-service failures, reduced downtime and optimised maintenance activities.


SWiX – an end-to-end remote condition monitoring solution to predict and prevent switch and other asset failures.

Smart Washer – monitoring bolt preload at installation and during operation to reduce bolt failures and eliminate manual inspection.