Southside Rail Training Ltd

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Company overview

Southside Rail Training Ltd has a wealth of knowledge about the rail industry and can assist in many training areas, from operations, signalling and engineering to management support and advice.

We can provide a range of services tailored to your requirements. From technical training, operational courses, competence assessment and course development to professional services, including operational consultancy, technical authoring, procedure writing, competence management and translation services.

Courses can be designed within defined rail industry parameters (such as designated person), company standards (technical training), or bespoke courses tailored to your business needs.

We can also design the course structure, materials, methods and learning outcomes, deliver your courses and manage any necessary ongoing competence.

Our business is verified within the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (ID number 6582) and a member of the RSSB (membership number RSSB140).

About our founder Peter De Lacey

Southside Rail Training Ltd was set up by Peter De Lacey to take the skills and knowledge gained over 40 years of railway work to the wider industry.

He started as a Driver’s Assistant in 1978 and progressed to Driver, Driver Trainer and Driver Manager before moving to engineering. He progressed to Engineering Training Manager with Eurostar, where he was heavily involved with the introduction of the Class 374 Velaro fleet. He then became an Operations Manager for Virgin Trains East Coast (latterly LNER) before setting up Southside Rail Training Ltd.

Southside Rail Training Ltd now has a number of rail industry specialists to call on, each bringing a high level of professionalism to their particular field of expertise.


  • Training course development.
  • Training course delivery.
  • Competence assessment.
  • Competence management.
  • Plant training and assessment.
  • Procedure writing.
  • Translation service.

Training courses

Safety courses – Designated Person training to fit in with your company’s systems.

Railway introduction courses – introducing new people to the rail industry, Railway Operating and Railway Signalling introduction courses, and more to give people a grounding in these subjects.

Railway operational training – training in Ground Shunter duties, depot and main-line driving courses, taking candidates selected to your company’s specific demands and training them to match your requirements.

Engineering introduction – basic training in mechanical principles and electrical principles that act as a grounding for further development. We can also teach Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) principles.

Plant training – training and re-certification in Working at Height, Overhead Crane, Forklift and various powered plant equipment.