SPL Powerlines UK Ltd

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Company overview

SPL Powerlines UK Limited is a leading independent OHLE provider with both a Principle Contractors Licence and a Plant Operators Licence. We provide turnkey OHLE capabilities from design through installation and commissioning to final testing for both heavy and light rail systems.



  • OHLE Design – High, Medium, Low Speed Systems.
  • Isolations and Planning.
  • OHLE Installation.
  • Testing and Commissioning of OHLE Systems.
  • OHLE Training.
  • Machine Hire.

Clients receive reliable catenary systems and components that comply with international standards.

SPL Powerlines UK is active in the electrification of local and long-distance transport infrastructure. In local transport, we electrify trams, subways, light rail and trolleybus systems. In long-distance transport, the range of services includes standard railway lines and high-speed lines.

We have many years of international experience, technical know-how, the best industry knowledge and a modern equipment park which enable us to meet your diverse needs.

Quality and safety

We take quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational safety seriously.