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Company overview

STC INSISO is a leading provider of risk control and assurance software and services.


Improving organisational culture

Do you need an expert tool to tackle cultural challenges in your work environment?

Get expert solutions designed to keep rapidly evolving cultures on track, with our suite of blended solutions, tools and programmes. They span equity, diversity, inclusion and business resilience, are simple to use and get to the heart of problems, giving employees valuable support and advice. We can address cultural challenges within your organisation by building opportunities that are inclusive to ensure everyone gets the most out of the workplace.

Improving processes

Are your organisational processes fit-for-purpose, easy to use, and consistent?

Processes are often written with an audit in mind, rather than the day-to-day user. We ensure that your employees feel involved, that they can see their role, and the way they work within the processes they complete every day.

From project management and procurement to financial management, we’ll ensure that your processes are designed for clarity, rolled out effectively, and embedded for the long term. Combining human factor principles, applying information design, and making sure that the process is relevant to tasks.

Improving talent

Do your people and organisational learning programmes truly develop your people for the roles they perform?

We can design, create, and deliver learning programmes that move people development from a one-off event to a planned, ongoing, and sustainable process. Providing development opportunities for people in different stages of their careers, offering quality, impactful training, and support to deliver long-term learning support to maximise benefit for your organisation.

Improving performance

How powerful would it be if you could identify root causes before they become incidents or failures?

Traditionally, investigations are triggered as a reaction to an unplanned event or failure to understand root causes and prevent reoccurrence. But imagine applying the same root cause learning philosophy to your organisational proactive audit and assurance activities. Our flagship and trusted investigation and root cause analysis solution COMET is growing in popularity because it’s best in class at traditional reactive investigations, and it provides users with the ability to do proactive investigations.

Improving technology capability

Do you want to build outstanding digital products with a technology partner?

Our agile software development team will work with you to translate your business needs into a complete solution. Providing a real-time issue tracking system so that you can track progress, post feedback, and highlight any issues based on real-time testing. Our awareness of business process means we can define the best solution for any business requirement, and ensure that our innovations continuously exceed your expectations as we build technology together.

Improving operational efficiency

Is your productivity being compromised due to disjointed processes and poor workflows?

We know that fragmented processes and manual workflows compromise the productivity and efficiency of organisations. We can help you automate your repetitive tasks and business processes by streamlining your work and using intuitive software solutions and bespoke business applications.

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