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Company overview

SYSTRA leads the delivery of sustainable infrastructure and environments through specialist engineering and consultancy services.

A world leader in mobility and mass transit, we deliver planning and development consultancy, engineering design, project management, and specialist technical services, to enable the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and essential services.

Sustainable Transport

High-Speed Rail – SYSTRA is a pioneer of high speed rail, having been at the forefront of high speed rail engineering for more than four decades. Planning, designing, overseeing, and testing the world’s high-speed rail lines.

Conventional Rail – designing, constructing and operating the UK rail network – helping to create train services and infrastructure that meet changing passenger, operator and government demands.

Metro – experienced multi-disciplinary partner for designing and delivering  advanced metro and urban rail mass transit systems. Supporting the entire project lifecycle, from costing and planning to detailed designs and construction services.

Light Rail – light rail and tram systems are part of our DNA. We play an integral role in delivering every type of light rail system throughout the world. Helping local authorities and transport operators implement safe and sustainable mass transit.

New Mobilities – technological developments are revolutionising the world of mobility, with new modes of transport, uses and players. SYSTRA helps clients embrace new transport modes – from autonomous vehicles to demand-responsive transport – to develop future-focused networks for people and the environment.


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Core values

EXCELLENCE – rooted in our engineering culture, excellence is both an objective and a way of working throughout our business. Our clients are ambitious and demanding, and they trust us to design and deliver the very best technical and engineering solutions – optimising safety, performance and sustainability.


CONNECTED TEAMS – we achieve the best results through teamwork. We connect and coordinate our multi-disciplinary teams to respond to the most complex challenges. By going beyond cultural and technical particularities, we create teams united around common objectives, in which the talents of each individual contribute to our overall success.


BOLD LEADERSHIP – we anticipate and embrace change. Our projects profoundly transform communities. Via our capacity for innovation and our project management know-how, we bring fresh answers to our clients and the bold leadership necessary to implement change. Our task is to consider, design and imagine the infrastructure of tomorrow.