The Pulse Business

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Company overview

The Pulse Business helps businesses grow faster using real-time insight you can trust.

We thrive on discovering what people really think, crafting smart questions to capture authentic opinions across a wide range of topics. Companies use this unique insight to grow and improve their businesses.

Our pulses track across a broad range of topics, from mental health to changes in consumer behaviour, and we listen to every opinion and use the insight to change, adapt or re-imagine the journey ahead.

We draw together ‘bespoke’ communities from different industries and disciplines and capture the sentiment behind a market trend or theme. We also gauge different audiences on best practice relating to their field of expertise.  From here, we share the results with everyone so they can benefit from the peer group view and know the data originates from people they trust.

When to call us?

When you feel out of touch with the people or stakeholders that matter to your business.

When you’re trying to make decisions using anecdotal data rather than accurate insight.

When you think you have all the answers, but you need more and a data partner to get you closer to the truth.

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