Tracsis plc

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Company overview

Tracsis plc develops, supplies and aggregates resource optimisation, data capture, and reporting technologies to the rail industry.

With a wide range of software, hardware and services that allow rail operators and infrastructure owners to gain control over operations planning and delivery.

In the UK we’ve developed the only fully integrated planning and delivery system for rail operators – a fully integrated Remote Condition Monitoring solution covering both hardware and software. We have the only Rail Delivery Group (RDG) accredited PAYG ticketing solution and provide 90 per cent of the UK’s delay repay services and the rail industry’s leading safety and risk management software solution.

Products include:

  • Rolling stock and crew planning and optimisation tools.
  • Information management and performance reporting software.
  • Datalogging and hardware condition monitoring systems.
  • Consultancy services.

Software products include:

  • TrainTRACS/BusTRACS (crew scheduling).
  • TRACSRoster (crew rostering).
  • TRACS-RS (vehicle planning).
  • The reporting suite includes Compass (information management and performance reporting) and Centrix (hardware monitoring).

Hardware products include:

The MPEC range of specialist datalogging and condition monitoring hardware, including the SA380, SA380TX and SA380TXL.


Rail Operations – Rail Planning and Performance Software

Bellvedi – Timetable and Control Software

iBlocks – Transit and Ticketing

TCS – Delay Repay Solutions

MPEC Technology – Remote Condition Monitoring

OnTrac – Rail Safety Software