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Traction Rail Electrical Ltd

About Us

Traction Rail Electrical Ltd. provide a range of solutions that include design, engineering, consultancy, installation, supervision and management, to the undertaking of complete packages of works.

We have a team of highly skilled, professional and motivated people, with a rich blend of youth and rail experience from key roles, skills, competencies and qualities to ensure that works are constantly installed and delivered safely, on time and to the standard our clients expect, every time.

Our team has the expertise to deliver a wide variety of E&P services within the Railway Substation, TP Hut and Along track environment. This also includes within Depots, Sidings and Switch rooms throughout the DC Electrified Rail Network

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By approaching everything in the same way as a team, our core Values and Continual Improvements, enables Traction Rail Electrical Ltd. to ensure we understand the progressive nature of the rail industry and deliver to our clients specific needs and requirements.

This is paramount to the works we do and part of every aspect of our working day. It is not only something we pride ourselves with having an excellent record, but something we strive to improve with everything we do.

Each person at Traction Rail Electrical is seen as an ambassador for the company, they represent the company in their actions, behaviour and presentation. Respect to each other as colleagues, towards clients and to third parties is promoted and encouraged at all times.

This resonates through the entire business and is the core to what we are all about - this is what sets us apart from the rest.
We care about what we do, the way we do it and what we are doing it for.

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